Fresh Faces: Exciting Updates to the Random Person Generator

Posted on September 1, 2023

Updates & Announcements

Stepping Up Our Game

We're excited to announce the latest updates to the Random Person Generator. Since our initial launch, we've been working hard to make your creative projects even better. Today, we're introducing features that take this to a new level.

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Portrait Photos

Every character now has a face! Using AI, we’ve created portrait photos based on the main details of a profile: full name, age, gender, and nationality. So, not only do you get a written description of your character, but you also get a visual representation that truly brings your character to life.

Each portrait photo is as unique as the next. To offer you a glimpse into the range and diversity we're talking about, we've put together a small sample of variations our generator is capable of producing:

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Justyna Hall

28-year-old female with an Irish nationality.

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Tom Klug

76-year-old male with an Austrian nationality.

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Kareem Eze

26-year-old male with a Nigerian nationality.

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Johan Reynaud

30-year-old male with a French nationality.

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Yukiko Nishimoto

34-year-old female with a Japanese nationality.

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Iris Rausch

41-year-old female with a German nationality.

Persona Preset

With the addition of our new Persona Preset, it is now possible to obtain insights into the characteristics and unique personality of a generated character. Through the use of an AI language model, every character is given a distinctive written personality, which consists of the following sections:

Background & Personality

Information on past experiences and general behavior

Education & Career

Insights into schooling and work history

Family & Relationships

Details on familial and relational connections

Interests & Hobbies

A look at leisure activities and passions

Beliefs & Values

An overview of guiding principles and thoughts

Life Goals

A glimpse into aspirations and ambitions

Strengths & Weaknesses

A breakdown of abilities and areas of challenge

Improved Download Options

We've made some improvements to our download options:

Portrait Downloads: You can now download the AI-made portrait photos. Choose between 256x256 pixels or the clearer 512x512 pixel option.

Cleaner Interface: We’ve made our main page simpler. All downloads – photos or text – are now in one easy-to-use dropdown menu.

Various Data Formats: Besides the JPG for photos, we still offer XML, CSV, and JSON for data.

Try The Persona Preset

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